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  1. Knockoutorion

    When I read “run” , my first thought was I am just going to walk. I surprised myself that as my body was getting warmer , the faster I was running. Thank you for all you do.

  2. carol mahon

    Enjoyed day 10, as usual. Walking is, as you said, one of the best exercises you can do and one of the easiest, usually. Last time I was in hospital with intestinal blockage, the surgeon told me walking was the best thing I could do to hopefully clear it up. There I was at 1am walking the halls toting my IV with a tube in my nose. Not a pretty sight, but I didn't need another surgery either! Thanks Pahla!

  3. Bio Diversity

    Another mindful workout, thanks Pahla for your approach and wisdom that is sadly overlooked for women our age. Cheers!

  4. Heather Middleton

    Whew !!! Seriously stopped and did this workout between rushing between responsibilities…. was so wanting to not miss…. NAILED IT 🙂 Thank YOU !!!

  5. syl via

    thanks. really liked this one

  6. Janet Fry

    Day 10 done ✅ 😀 was glad to see it was a walk run today, it is a snow day here so a lot of shoveling today. Oh yeah today was my weight in day 😊😊😊 down 2 lbs . 13 to go. Have a great day.

  7. Lovely Star

    Another great workout.

  8. Yogi Jones

    Wow, day 10 and I'm 3lbs down! Though it's probably water weight I'm still excited. I truly enjoy the walking and running. You might find this to be strange but I get goosebumps when I run. Thank you Pahla B!!!!

  9. Janet K.

    Day 10 = CHECK!  You had asked on this video, Pahla, if we'd share our own experiences with walking or running.  I've been a fitness walker for years.  I walked my first half marathon at age 40 (just to prove to myself that I wasn't getting old).  I've done nine more since then (I'm 58 now), the most recent about a year ago. My knees were telling me last year that it may be time to take a break from distance walking, and I came across your YouTube channel.  I'm finally starting to realize that the eating component to weight loss is even more important that the exercise part.  I used to view exercise as a transaction (if I walk six miles today, I'm entitled to that hot fudge sundae tonight).  That wasn't serving me well, and now I'm starting to understand why. I have to admit that I'm still trying to come to terms with exercising "only" 20 minutes a day–and moderate exercise at that.  But even during these 10 days, I can tell that my attitude is improving. I'm not obsessed with what exercise I'm going to do each day and whether it will be enough.  I just do it.  While I'll always be a walker at heart, it has been refreshing to try this new approach and work new muscles that haven't activity in years. So thank you, Pahla, for giving us this opportunity and for being such a great cheerleader to "women of a certain age."  🙂

  10. I’m only here for the comment section

    I just found your channel yesterday. I enjoyed this so much today. I’m coming in late, but I will challenge myself for the next 20 days!

  11. yooperlooper

    Ordinarily I don't like walking workouts (sorry Pahla) I find walking the most boring workout e-v-e-r, BUT! I actually enjoyed this, I think it was the stacking of slow, medium and fast. It went by quickly too. That's quite an achievement Pahla….getting me to like a walking workout. (ha ha) P.S. I do like backwoods hiking on rough trails – so I guess that qualifies as walking (?) 🙂

  12. H K

    ✔️ and feeling great !

  13. Carla T

    I loved this workout, and I really love the way I feel after getting up my heart rate with running/walking. Towards the end of the workout when I was running around the house, my dog decided to jump off of the couch and join me in running around the house! We both got our workout in today!

  14. Crystal Taylor

    I love your workouts! Thank you!

  15. Angelica Lopez

    Happy FriDay 10!!! Thanks so much for this one. I've missed the walk/run workouts. Perfect for those days when you think you might talk yourself out of a workout! 🙂

  16. Melissa Culpepper

    Day10, down!

  17. JenetMack

    Yay! Perfect timing for today's workout. I found myself staying overnight on a boat last night and having to workout in a very tight space. Today's workout for perfectly! I was able to keep up my January "Every Single Day" Streak!
    Thank you so much for the work you do! 💕

  18. Marilyn P

    I had it in my head that I wasn't going to like this workout, but I did it anyway. And I liked it! I find running in place too impactful so I did two steps up and back, which distributes the impact better for my body. By the last few intervals, I added raising my arms up and down, too. All doable for 10 seconds. Thank you, Pahla, for nudging us into new zones of exercise.

  19. Alison Wonderland

    I love the 30-day challenge because it gets us in the habit of doing something with you every day. I can already feel a difference in myself, although I know it will take a while to be noticeable "on the outside". It's great that this habit is gradually becoming set in stone — an ideal start to the year!

  20. Karen Quick

    Day 10 ✅! I admit it…I yelled NOOOO RUNNNNNNING at the tv…but I. Did. It and I didn't hate it! Thank you, Pahla!!! See ya tomorrow🤗

  21. Doreen Beitter

    I did this walking/running around inside my house. I’ve missed your walk/run videos! I’ll probably always stay inside walking/running (I took two nasty falls outside. The first one landed me in the hospital for three days). The intervals you set keep it fun and motivating. Thanks Pahla!

  22. shinystar 1

    ten days into the challenge…feeling great💪🏻

  23. مريم الزاوي

    I'm SO happy we got to run today even just for a little bit! I missed running so much!!!

  24. Shelly GEIER

    just finished the workout-outside in Northern Florida-little brisk but felt good-really enjoying these videos-tracking all my food and have lost 5 lbs. Thanks, Pahla for these videos

  25. Pam Spencer


  26. Tasneem Kaderbhoy

    Loved this workout wish we could do more on these kind of videos. Thank you for a great workout

  27. Sumeka Johnson

    I didn't feel like working out today. Saw you had posted a new video and dragged myself out of bed. Completed the workout now I feel like I can conquer the day. TGIF 😊

  28. Teddy-bear feet

    Hi P🐝 Hope the New year is being kind to you. Thank you for the continued focus on getting us to stay fit. 👍💪

  29. Naturally Dunn

    Workout complete 🙋🏾‍♀️. Happy Friday

  30. GE D

    I wanted to thank you, Phala, for sharing your knowledge and time so generously with so many people. I HATE workouts (unless they happen with gardening) For many reasons, I never achieved any consistency, One reason was that I HATE workouts (did I say that already, whoops), another reason is that I always got bored, another reason was that I always thought I was not doing enough anyway to make a difference, and another reason was too much stress and at times depression, and another reason was never quite knowing what to do, etc. etc. A year ago I started my weight loss journey AGAIN (I'm almost 61 years old with 8 grown children and 8 grandchildren) and and found your channel. Your workouts have made SUCH A DIFFERENCE. Knowing each day what to do, not feeling exhausted, but excited and energized, listening to your explanations and seeing your faux-pas, working out with a REAL person….workout has become something I look forward to. Please keep up the great work and know that you are making a difference in peoples' lives – you did in mine.

  31. Katie Lohr

    Wow you seem to know everything I am thinking. I started walking 2 years ago. Last year I added weight watchers because, as you said, the walking was good but I was not loosing weight. Now I have lost 55 lbs. I still work out moderately every day. As of this week I’m a WW coach. I will be able to help people on their journey just like you have helped and inspired me, and I am sure many others. I hope you never stop doing what you were honestly put here to do. We love you. I am 64 years old. We are never too old to change. ❤️

  32. Rachael Longley

    Can you do this if your not over 50 x

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