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  1. Robin Luettke

    Loving these workouts. I got a late start and I am taking weekends off. I work outside 3-4 days a week and I get movement at work. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Lisa Rowe

    Wow. Another great workout. Round two for today. Absolutely love ❤️ this program.

  3. Clare Lord

    So I have an illness that means I just don't have it in me to work out every day. I have got a couple of days behind on the 31 days, I was beginning to get a bit anxious about it but I am happy to be able to say that at 64, I am at long last getting it that this is my work out and it has to work for me. I'm not in competition with anyone. Having done your workouts since June last year, I am fitter than I have been since my 30's because I enjoy working out on the days I am able and who new I love squats!!!!!

  4. Karen Zappavigna Hoogland

    I really loved the use of weights in this one. I usually dread doing strength workouts but this one was good!

  5. rachrysl

    Thanks for replying. Your workouts are  amazing! But I dont understand! I see underneath your screen 'Day 7 31 Day Challenge' you post"Download your FREE copy of Weight Loss Over 50 here: https://pahlabfitness.com/weight-loss…" This address is incomplete. I really would like to see it!

  6. Neeners

    I did it! Full week without missing a day. Nice. Thanks so much, Pahla. I felt great this morning and was not sore doing this workout (except my shoulders a tiny bit, but I've had that every day and think it's just a 'me' thing. ha). I was wondering if you could explain how to tighten your core? I'm not sure how, exactly. Also, I have very little flexibility – do you have any recommendations on that, or will it come in time doing all these exercises? Thanks again so much – I feel great and am really proud 🙂

  7. Tasneem Kaderbhoy

    Totally loved it sweated a lot thank you

  8. Alison Wonderland

    I was doing brilliantly with this and feeling really pleased with myself for keeping up (although, as usual, in awe of your ability to chat through it all)… then during the cool-down (around 18:30), stepping gently from side to side, I — SOMEHOW!!!!!!! — managed to stub my middle toe on the mat, then crunch onto it, breaking my toe 🤣 … just shows you can never be too careful, or at least not when as clumsy as me!

  9. Ann Tews

    Day 7 done. Another great workout!!

  10. TropicalPassionFruit

    One week went by so quickly! Didn’t skip a day!

  11. Nixxi Roxx

    Pahla, thanx for everything! I love your workouts! I'm just missing a different 5min cool down series sometimes… Buuuut: I'm really grateful for every video you upload for free!

  12. rachrysl

    Thanks for the challenge!Please repost your diet plan with its full title. The one  you publish is incomplete, and i cant access it!

  13. Corgii


  14. Flor S

    oh i almost forgot … thanks Lady P, for mentioning the breathing…I really need the reminder!

  15. Flor S

    OMG!!! Day 7 completed!!! and I AM COUGHT UP YEAHHHHHH…. I can't believe it…this morning I thought I was going to take the day off but after reading all the friends comments my I felt guilty!! so I push myself and I did not just day 6 but day 7… Lady P… I am ready for tomorrow challenge 🙂 try to do totally not repeats if you can that is…thanks a lot!!!

  16. jeanaheroe

    Really enjoying the workouts. I found the 20 minutes time slot goes quickly. Really motivating. Could you do a separate video on the warm up, you do in this series. I really like them and they are so different from the conventional warm ups. Thanks.

  17. Melissa Culpepper

    Day 7, down!

  18. C Flowers

    Accountability Day 7✅.

  19. Miracle Girl

    Perfection! Will give me a nice boost to get through my evening! I love drinkie birds. Weird, I know. 😉 SFG!

  20. Jeanette Ferguson

    Great workout! I enjoy working out with you so much fun😊

  21. Janet K.

    This was the perfect intensity for me today.  January is turning out to be a fun month because I don't have to think about what exercise I'm going to do every day–I just tune in!

  22. Diane Thurman

    I am loving these workouts and the diversity. I can't tell you the last time I worked out 7 days in a row. i look forward to the challenge every day. See you tomorrow!

  23. Susy M.

    Great workout but in all honesty I dislike drinky birds!!!

  24. J HARDY

    Always appreciate the balance exercises – I feel it the next day in my ankles, especially the left outer ankle, which probably means that my poor balance is related to weakness/tightness there! My left big toe pain is much better when I do this balance work too – more feedback that I love to feel!! Thankyou!!

  25. Lovely Star

    Can't believe it's day 7. I have been looking through the comments and everyone is enjoying these workouts as much as me. See you tomorrow.

  26. leigh johnson

    Hey Pahla! I’m 40 but have been enjoying the moderate pace of these workouts. A Couple questions… 1. I’m not trying to lose weight. Just maintain where I am and possibly gain some tone. Will these workouts achieve this? 2. Do you only do these routines and add nothing to them such as running or hiit? Thanks!

  27. Kathy Leahy

    Pahla, I found you way back in the spring when I was looking for total body weight training. Since then, it's hard to pick a favourite between this type of workout vs walking with weights vs cardio weights…I love them all!

  28. Sumeka Johnson

    Day 7 👍

  29. Janet Fry

    Morning day 7 done ✅ I used a very light weight as tomorrow is my weight workout day. I do weights Monday,Wednesday and Friday. I never used to like doing weight it was always cardio cardio. 2 years ago I started doing weights on a regular basis. But it wasn’t till the last year that I really started to like my workout 🏋️‍♂️. I am the type of person that if I need to keep my routine. So for the next month I have just lowered my weights on those three days. Also on my walks I am making sure my heart rate stays lower. Thanks again for another great workout.

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