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  1. Deborah Sivyer

    Thank you x

  2. notailcat1gaming

    Thank you, again!

  3. Flor S

    Lady P, when you said "we are not putting the weights down" My arms cried "what is wrong with that woman", but we got through it! Day 5 completed! tomorrow I will try to catch up no promises LOL

  4. Neeners

    5 for 5 for me (started late). I am horrible at squats and lunges. I will improve, though. Thanks for making this video!

  5. Lori A.

    Another great workout! Love the 20 minute no floor, no jumping workouts.

  6. Lori Grabowski

    You are right, I have heard the word moderate so much, but it is only within these workouts, and you telling me moderate is ok, that I truly can believe it! Thank you!

  7. shinystar 1

    another great strengthener.
    it’s remarkable how much mental work it takes to be and STAY moderate 🤷‍♀️

  8. H K

    ✔️ day 5

  9. Ann Tews

    Day 5 done. Love these workouts Pahla. Thanks again!’

  10. JenetMack

    Yay for day 5! Haven't worked out this many days in a row in years! Thank you for helping me with breaking through and helping me remember my inner athlete. So good to have her back. You've given me the access now that I'm of a certain age.

  11. Naturally Dunn

    Workout complete 🙋🏾‍♀️. I admit I’ve been running and doing other workouts so I’m sore. I completed this with no weights and for the most part in a chair except for the lunges and squats 😊

  12. Tam Momma

    Woo doggy's, day 5 in the books, feeling so so good

  13. Jenny Thomas

    Took the day off yesterday and did both days today. I took it easy for the Day 4 holding the weights only while walking. Glad to have the discipline of these exercises. Thank you so much Pahla. Love from India.

  14. Lisa Rowe

    Another great workout 🏋️‍♀️

  15. Melissa Culpepper

    Day 5, down!

  16. C Flowers

    Day 5 ✅ Truly is a different way to think about working out. One day at a time at a moderate level.

  17. Caroline w

    Wonderful! Definitely gets harder on the 2nd round! Thanks for the great work that you do 😀👍💖

  18. Marianne Hoffarth

    I was focused on Agatha:)

  19. Janet Fry

    Day 5 ✅ Did my 5 km walk this morning,then day 5 . Looking forward to standing abs tomorrow!

  20. Janet K.

    Day 5 complete!  I'm still getting used to this "less is more" concept, but I'm really liking it so far.  See you tomorrow, Pahla!

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