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  1. melinda ridinger

    Everything looks so yummy!!! I will be making these. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Life as a truckers wife

    I am happy to see you made homemade pizza.. But I am confused because you have stated more than once that Andrew would choke on handmade dough. I am glad the supporter has found your channel. And hope you do keep the fresher meals up for Steve and Andrew. But if your husband is not suppose to have tomato due to his conditions, Bbq sauce is a tomato base. May need to look for a alternative. Bleased be.

  3. Cassandra S

    Darlene those meals looked so delicious! I hope you ignore those people who don’t understand. I’ve found the more you mention them the more they pile on. Life happens and you are amazing IMHO! TFS

  4. Dianne Hillman

    Bobby Parrish from FlavCity recommends that type of tomato too

  5. M Busby Design

    Where did you get your outfit, the white with blue design shirt and blue capris? Everything looks so yummy 😋

  6. Louise Gullion

    I can't eat tomatoes either as they are of the nightshade family which is bad for psoriasis. So I enjoy seeing what you do for Steve when you make tomato dishes for your son and yourself. As for your alfredo sauce that didn't thicken.. could you not have mixed up a slurry of flour and milk or water to add into your pan.. or even some cornstarch??

  7. Kristi_The Fam

    😝 loved this!!!

  8. P M Glennie

    A fix I have found for my white sauce is to add about 1/4 cup of the pasta water. The starch in the water from the pasta thickens the sauce very nicely.

  9. Angela Roach

    All the meals look great Darlene !! 🙂

  10. Robert Maroney

    I alway have to make 3 dinner to and all look good thank you for all the good ideas.!!!

  11. RCsMom4

    Runny or not, that icing, along with the cranberry bars, looks delicious!!!

  12. P M Glennie

    Instead of sugar in your Marinara have you ever tired carrot. Either a fine dice or shred. It adds a sweetness and highlights the tomatoes.

  13. ItsAlllRight

    You did and excellent job with all the meals👌. I really enjoyed this video. Great job all around!!!

  14. shirley anthony

    You are such a good cook and a very good women to make all that food in all the heat.

  15. Daisy June

    Wow! Everything looked sooo good.

  16. hunnybunny cancook

    have you tried using wondra? it's a kind of flour that you don't need to cook just add a little in your soup or sauces it's an instant thickener, no need to dilute in water too just sprinkle a little, in case you don't know or haven't seen one try your Walmart they might have that

  17. Tracey T

    I like dried herbs and garlic in a jar too, why do we have to apologize lol

  18. Jenn Makeup

    My mom loves those cranberry bliss bars, I’m not very fussy about them but if someone offered me one I would eat it lol. Those turkey burgers looked amazing..

  19. r link

    fantastic job! Everything looked wonderful, take a day off lol!

  20. TheKendy71584

    If only Andrew's support worker found your channel sooner! Keep it up!

  21. Gail Firegirl

    Everything look absolutely delicious!!!!👍
    God bless you and your dear family…from Fla…🌴🌸🌴

  22. Maria Redecop


  23. windowwendy

    I live in Ontario and they have the San marazano tomatoes at Costco in a can with a red and yellow label. Every thing looked really good.

  24. Sharon MacDougall

    Hi Darlene, fantastic video! I am definitely going to make those turkey burgers. What a delicious, healthy looking pasta dish for Andrew and Steve's too! Everything looks delicious. Thank you, I love these types of videos.

  25. Kerry Verity

    Long time subscriber love how you do everything! Just wanted to let you know when my daughter got married she included her husbands artistic cousin . Her mom was worried she would make a mistake.

  26. bluebutterfly

    I don't know how you cook without an apron, I'm such a slob when I cook! Loved the music !!

  27. ayronsmama05

    Love it, here I am watching you make pizza dough and with the music choice my foot is tappin, my head is bobbin, lol. It's addicting I tell ya, love you sweet friend!! 😆 Marilyn

  28. Bridgette Hunt

    You knocked it out of the park! Great job! We are a family of 3 and we all have different needs/tastes as well. I sometimes do something similar to accommodate all of us and other times go with what I know all of us will eat. Great video!

  29. Mary Payne

    Loved it all! I have always loved white pizza!
    On the garlic smell issue, I had the same trouble. It would last for a whole day or more despite washing my hands 20+ times! The answer is in your sink! Just rub your hands on the stainless steel. If it helped me I can’t imagine it won’t solve your problem too. On with the garlic!

  30. Teresa Cooper

    the white sauce is it like gravy? I always thought people used alfredo sauce for white sauce.. humm…

  31. LindaJean House

    Amazing video today! You did soooooo much, but it shows how much you love your family. I'm sure love love you in return. Thank you for the hello fresh tip. I subscribed but did not have a great experience but I love the recipes.

  32. Sandra Darling

    The food looked delicious! You certainly get high marks as a wife and caring mom in all you do for your family! You are an inspiration to anyone!🥰🥰🥰

  33. Jenette Sundquist

    Darlene, I am really enjoying this video and I love the wonderful mood you're in😁

  34. GB Fulk

    Darlene, You are a Rockstar! I'm so impressed by all the food you made. Wish I could have some your energy. I love to cook and bake but washing dishes not so much. During Christmas time my Husband has a whole week off from work and he washes everything and puts it away too. I still can't find one of my mixing bowls but I'll survive 😊.

  35. jennifer izett

    Wow those pizzas were very impressive!

  36. Michaela Beckley

    As an alternative to the tomato sauce you can also use cream cheese on the pizza base…

  37. Lit Hot People Tamera

    Great video

  38. Andrea Curtis / Dragonfly warrior

    All of your meals looked amazing ! You motivate and inspire me … You are such an amazing wife & mom and you always try to go the distance and go to great lengths to make everyone happy ! I also am alot like you in that regard ! I like to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied ! I have no doubt in my mind that your hard work and dedication AND determination Do Not go unnoticed by your family , and I know they appreciate you ! Your an example of a good wife and mother !
    Just want to make sure you know that ! Even when it doesn't seem like it at times and it gets hard ….. And yes the reality of it all on YouTube is we don't see everything , but you try and keep it real ! Just a few positive words of encouragement ! Have a great day !!

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