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    World Cancer day Run organized by classic road runners athletic club Bangalore on 3rd February 2019 at Bangalore India

  2. Dr. Richard M Fleming

    WORLD CANCER DAY: THE TRUTH WE WON’T ADMIT! Cancer is our body’s Global Warming.

    Monday, 4 February 2019 is World Cancer Day. We will celebrate our efforts to find and eradicate cancer without admitting to ourselves that cancer isn’t a disease but a group of diseases all caused by parts of our bodies responding to the toxic wastes we are dumping into our bodies, just as our planet is responding to the toxic wastes we are dumping into it.

    The question is WHY do our bodies run amok. The answer lies in the same answer to why Global Warming exists. It is the untold unimaginable damage and destruction we cause to the world and to ourselves that accounts for this destruction of the planet and the development of cancer within us. It is the constant bombarding of ourselves with toxins, which our bodies try to react to and when overwhelmed the climate change of our bodies occur and call for the eradication of first the damages cells and then eventually ourselves.

    Just as the continued bombardment of our Earth is resulting in violent changes on the planet in an attempt to eradicate the cause of the toxins to the plant, so too are our bodies reacting to try to eradicate these toxins within our bodies. Clearly no one wants to have cancer or destroy the planet. The confusion comes from not knowing what is helpful and what is hurting us.

    We can now determine exactly that by measuring these changes using FMTVDM/BEST and seeing the transitions occurring as our bodies are reacting to try to restore the balance and heal us. The only question is will we use this tool to help guide us and undo the damage we are causing to our bodies using FMTVDM/BEST to measure which diets, which drugs, which treatments are working for us?

    Respectfully submitted,

    Richard M. Fleming, PhD, MD, JD

  3. Ekam Bhatia

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