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  1. jackie schafer

    I like snail mucus it smells good I like the way it feels too

  2. schmelly beans

    I’m tempted to get this thing for the sole purpose of the face care products like the lotions and the face masks, and then just give the make up ones to my cousin, aunt and mom for Christmas because they’re the only people I know who actually wear makeup and my skin is the definition of garbage xD

  3. Ale Hidalgo

    Everything‘s So pretty! Koreans sure have amazing skin care and cosmetics 💕

  4. Lucie Flower

    I cant help but notice that you look like you have had lip filler O.o

  5. Alex Iverson

    nice wall

  6. Robot Girl

    I LOVE it when Archie fluffs his feathers! 💚💚💚

  7. liliana Black

    your makeup made you look like Jessica rabbit <3

  8. Katie Robbins

    Archie is VERY needy today 😂

  9. Sanecatlady

    The bird is absolutely gorgeous and cute and… Everything ❤️

  10. kawaii squishy 4eva

    Archie: *Opens day 6

    Alex: “You have to subscribe now”

    Me: hmmm? I’m already subscribed let’s see what we can do here, anything for ARCHIE 💚 (and Alex😊)

    On a side note why haven’t they made an almond emoji? I may like them just as much as Archie and I’m sorta feeling personally attacked now 🥺😣

  11. clorox bleach Forager

    That's a lot of skin care at the beginning, Im imagining someone getting this and as the calendar goes on their skin gets better

  12. Melissa Lazio

    I just love your videos so much, I wish you would do more, but I also understand it's a lot of work
    You are so wonderful, and actually helpful!❤🤙

  13. Jiminie Pabo

    Her makeup looks like if it was done by a 6 year old little girl…

  14. Story Of A Girl

    13 is my lucky number too!!

  15. Marissa Jonkers

    Can be mixed with cream cheese! I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣

  16. MissHoneyPot Lips

    I love advent calendar unboxing and that bird made it even better! Love!💜💜💜

  17. Pink Giggieraph

    Anyone else feel like Alex edited Archie opening day 6 shorter than it probably was

  18. supper Sõõrik

    Sadly I can’t attend the giveaway caus i live in Estonia

  19. leegrace122790

    Rules are rules 😂😂😂
    I subscribe bcs of your pet 😂
    So cuteee

  20. Trent Riley

    It's been ages since I've watched a video
    Where have you been

  21. RubyIsPrettyObviously

    U should give the box to Archie once your done! 😂 puts some treats in there to find

  22. W

    October is the best time of the year …. Also… Archie is so cute!!!!!

  23. Annika P

    Woah am I crazy or has her head shape changed?

  24. Alice Pham

    This is legit the first video I've seen from your channel and I subscribed simply because he opened Day 6. Lol. 🙂 But I do like your channel. <3

  25. nicoletta castle

    Sad you can't enter from some countries , new Zealand is not on the list but love seeing yesstyle

  26. White :.: Cherry

    I had so much expenses this month, I really hope they are still selling it when I get my next paycheck…

  27. D. Sweet

    Alex, wearing your makeup for 2 or 3 days??? Noooooooo 😭💔

  28. Dingus Malfunction

    Love the box and all but for what’s it worth and there’s not many known brands in it 🙁

  29. Dead End

    Ouch europe…

  30. Shadoweva

    Amazing advent calender, great products and I love the box so reusable after.

  31. Jolie daily

    Me getting excited for the giveaway … realizing I'm not living in any of those countrys …

  32. The Lovely Mel Chan

    This Is Youtube. Not instagram.
    Just reminding you.
    Not everyone has to be a sheep to enter a giveaway.

  33. Vijisha Sajeevan

    U put a LOT of makeup😆

  34. 이자

    There’s no problem with skin whitening products… there’s a problem with skin bleaching products!

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