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  1. Green Star Ponies

    Let’s all thanks the little girl at 1:29 for making the Disneyland castle, into Sleeping Beauty‘s castle

  2. AdamLeeFox

    Thats why there are so many cats at Disneyland.

  3. MadBunny1010

    I wish the motors woulda like gone too quickly and had Eric just SLAM his face into Aurora

  4. Monster Hanna

    That part about the cats made my day. 😊🐱

  5. Mystique Dreamer

    I like those dolls. Make for a nice bootleg experience.

  6. Bonnie Howell

    This has to be the funniest reenactment I've ever seen.
    Keep up the great work. I love all of your videos!.

  7. memethyst

    that cat story just made my day

  8. Clarence

    i always wanted to go inside sleeping beauty’s castle as a kid (i’ve only ever been to eurodisney and was very disappointed at the lack of an attraction) so watching this felt a little bit like realising a childhood dream!

  9. Tears of Light

    10:23 It’s prince Phillip not eric😂

  10. Victoria's Cantina

    Great vid! I was once told by a security guard that the castle was closed due to earthquake damage. I do wonder why the wood paneling was added in the hallway leading downstairs after the goons. It's odd that the rest of the walkthrough doesn't have it. Also, what film is that at 12:33?

  11. Eduardo Corrochio

    Those dioramas before the modern update look so hokey, like old ViewMaster reel dolls. Betcha the reboot is much better. Good video, nicely done. Glad the pop culture references were few (Grinch, etc). ☺

  12. Ninedaysjane

    I like your office chair.

  13. sampea CAML

    Yippee! It's still alive!

  14. Odeta Sliumpiene

    prince philip not prince eric

  15. Jess Perry

    That's prince Philip, not Prince Eric. Prince Eric is the little mermaid, Ariel's, prince. Since u need to brush up on your prince trivia, and I have no idea, what is snow whites prince's name?? Cinderella has Prince Charming, and Disney Magic Kingdoms game doesn't have the Prince. Any idea if he even has a name??

  16. 1128nesecret

    Wait so sleeping Beauty had the designs of characters before the movie? So the rides concept art was more like the concept art for the movie?

  17. 1128nesecret

    Hey , your cartoony cutaways In this one really reminds me of a show from discovery Channel from like 2005, it talked about hauntings and myths and such. Scared me a bunch, but the way they illustrated stories was from composite animation, like what you did with the not south park characters with real.life photos placed on top.

  18. Nolan Begley

    OMG why was there so many cats

  19. madgirlmuahaha

    In an alternate universe, those cats infected everybody with the deadly Cat Flu.

  20. PiE PiE

    11:32 if you pause there read the sign
    It is telling a joke
    And then explaining

  21. AnetteCB

    I would have loved the original, hated the second iteration

  22. Angel Singer

    Thank you for this! The walkthrough is one of the only attractions I can’t access in my wheelchair. It’s nice to see it here!

  23. Jorge RomanCortez

    Leave a like if god let Walt Disney stay alive👍

  24. T G

    More like Sleeping Beauty catsle

  25. EXcentriX

    Should have turned the cats into an attraction… "Catworld" or specifically "Aristocats"

  26. NoEnya

    2:453:55 the origin story to why we have cats in Disneyland

  27. Ryan Elliott

    yo that music makes ur channel a classic each video

  28. johnsmi213

    Isn't it MA-LEF-I-CENT? You keep saying Mal-if-a-cent.

  29. Rudy Solis

    Looooove these videos. Top notch quality. Great narration. Lots of research and passion clearly goes into these. Thank you!!!

  30. Hannah

    The Queen cursed baby Aurora? The prince is called Eric? Might want to rewatch to the movie again.

  31. Bill S

    Good job sleuthing! 👍

  32. Marley Rae

    Lol I go through what’s left of the walk through like 5 times a day because of the AC 😂

  33. Hefinbird

    Is that workwall real, or did you take the time to add in that joke?

  34. Lindsay Parsh

    Prince Philip, not Eric. I'm sorry I couldn't help myself I love you and your videos 😘

  35. GrandCorsair

    What a awesome guy for taking care that the cats found homes. You the man Walt Disney.

  36. Darreyl Henderson

    And it's Prince Phillip NOT Prince Eric ( who is from The Little Mermaid)

  37. Darreyl Henderson

    You pronounced Maleficent wrong.

  38. Endy Catus

    I've been in it when I was really young

  39. Conner Gates

    10:24 That ain't Prince Eric, man.

  40. H.P. Oliver

    Kindly explain how Walt Disney took people working on Cinderella to the Disneyland castle, when the film was released before work on Disneyland even began. Assuming this is not what you meant to say, I suggest you learn how to write a script before you gleefully read your scribbles into a microphone.

  41. ariel films inc

    The "doll" attractions are they rotated in the parks? My last visit to Disney World by chance wondering in the Contemporary Resort I found Attractions for Little Mermaid including a function row boat THAT was in 1992

  42. ariel films inc

    Walt "helped" all those cats kinda a contradiction considering that the films did not favor cats vs dogs

  43. Kimberly Terasaki

    I'm honestly still confused by this video; I was only 4 years old when I first visited the park… but I vividly remember seeing the original and not the "Barbie doll" version. But it's even weirder because when I asked my parents about it, they said that we never went to Sleeping Beauty's castle because the park had closed it (using the 9/11 excuse) by the time we went. I know that I did see the updated version when I went back later in 2010, but I swear it's the version I saw before.

    It's just the weirdest case of deja vous. Almost like I saw the original version… Once Upon a Dream. 😉

  44. RoxasHeroes

    Why about 10 min in do you call the prince Eric? I thought his name was Philip.

  45. Sweetie B.

    Good on Walt for taking care of the cats in a humane way. Got a bunch of unwanted cats in your castle? Just clean them and groom them and find them good homes.

  46. Matthew Hahn

    I love sleeping beauty castle

  47. SkyCharger001

    That reminds me:
    A few years ago a quiz on a local TV-channel had one question where the contestants had to name the town hosting the oldest theme-park incarnation of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, all four wrote down Anaheim, none scored. (Turned out that the proper answer predated Anaheim by 4 years)

  48. Matthew Hahn

    He survived today

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