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  1. Daytona Hunter

    This class was excellent! I love your care and delivery, I haven't been that relaxed in a you tube yoga video in a long time.
    I loved all the interwoven tips for SI pain, do you think you could make a video for a wrist injury? I think your ques for focusing attention to that area during a class would be wonderful and there isn't much out there that I've found.
    – I am really glad I found your channel and I can't wait to try more classes! Thank you

  2. Eli Ort

    Beautiful, it felt easy and very rewarding that stretch ❤️🙏

  3. KitaOnokale

    Omg Aprille, I never comment, like neeeeever!!! I’m not new to your channel. Last time my body was in absolute
    Inflammation I benefited from 2/3 of your classes. But this time around I am much more committed to really
    Listening to my body, and understanding what it needs. This is the first and only out of hundreds of Yoga videos
    Focusing on the lower back that has done anything to seriously and instantaneously relieve my hip/back pain..Like
    Literally after the second pose I was smiling, celebrating, and singing you’re praises out loud, that’s how much better
    My body felt. I suppose some of it has to do with you facing similar physical challenges, but really it’s the manner in
    Which your relay the knowledge and instruct that makes all of the difference. I am learning so much from your
    commentary alone, and I am not someone who is new to the yogi, wellness, alternative lifestyle game; I grew up in a
    Household embracing all those things, but you just have a way of saying things in a manner that really resonates..It’s your
    Superpower! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, your time, and yourself with the rest of us…So Grateful:)
    Thank you and much love your way:)

  4. Margaret Crowley

    Thank you so much. This practice really encouraged me and helped with my pain. Thank you for a great explanation of poses as well!:)

  5. Judith Fraser

    this was very helpful

  6. Kiran Sharma

    It really works thank u Soo much I am 15 years old and I was having sacroiliac pain since 2 years . Thank u love from India

  7. Laura Énée

    Thank you once again for your lovely sessions, I love, love, love them as well as your beautiful presence and way of transmitting <3


    Love to try this. Can you do this yoga poses even if your SI is inflamed? Thank you!

  9. Olayinka Herrod

    Oh my God! It works. Tx

  10. Valeria Panina

    Amazing! Thank you for these wonderful poses and tips. I have been having SI problems for over 2 years now – it honestly feels like the flare-ups are constant. I worked a labor-intensive overnight job at a store, with lots of heavy lifting, and I am pretty sure that was the main contributing factor to the injury. I have been trying various treatments, and the one that relieved me of pain the most thus far has been osteopathic treatments, though they only really seem to work for a day or two afterward, and the inflammation returns. I have noticed that some yoga poses do not work for me, and it makes sense that it is those when the pelvis is completely stationary. I tried your practice this morning and am feeling so much blood flow to the area and just overall ease. I'm going to pick up some of those supplements tonight. Thank you again – I'm in tears, of relief.

  11. Lashona Byrd

    Please tell Lucy hello for me. This was certainly a teaching moment for me. Thanks for those important tips I will follow up with this. Finally someone who understands my back injury SL4 and SL5 hernitated bulge disk Thank you Lord. The sphinx pose and the child pose are my favorites. I will from now on journals when I have these fare ups. Yes! The winter is worse for my fare ups. I can't thank you enough. That explains several positions I am not ready for at this moment. 💙💙💙💙

  12. novia alwi

    Luv this practise, not only making me feel better but I could also feel ma blood flows which is a good sign for me;-). Would u mind lemme know again here in writing da supplement you suggest to take for da joint please?. Thank u so much Aprille, namaste from Indonesia.

  13. Julie Bulie

    Thank you so much for both the practice and your insightful comments. You reminded me that sometimes the yoga we do to ease or prevent pain can sometimes be the cause of it. Every January many online instructors offer a 30 day yoga “challenge “ which I have been sucked into in the past. Last year I had a severe shoulder pain as a result so this year I didn’t sign up. However, I still ended up following along no, but made sure not to do any planks as I think that was the problem before. However I have been very sore this week and now think it may be because I was repeating the same flow, which got more difficult each day. I’m so glad I found your videos, especially this one. I have ongoing dull pain in my left hip, but after this practice both hips feel much looser and walking seems freer. Thanks 🙏

  14. OMEGAN Healing

    Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom Aprille! So very helpful and enlightening XXX

  15. Simone Fexa

    Very informative…thank you …wondering why my lower back hurts some days and not others. I thought my stomach muscles were not strong enough. Thanks Aprille

  16. Tina Rast

    Oh wow, after carrying my godson on one hip for way too long I felt like my pelvis is not in the right place anymore and I had so much pain in my SI joint. This practice made me feel like born again, my lower back is so much better – thank you so much!!

  17. Laura Vegh

    I am probably the most atypical low back & sacroiliac pain sufferer because poses like sphynx kill me, they make my pain 100 times worse. I can usually only do forward folds & pidgeon & child pose and other poses that stretch the area when I have low back pain.

  18. Susan Green

    Many thanks and much gratitude Aprille, not only was this a wonderful practice but I learned so much. I appreciate your teaching; always gentle, always supportive and always informative. X 🙏

  19. Paula E

    Once again Aprille I have to show my appreciation for your teaching and practice. I have been challenged in my lower back and SI area for 3.5yrs. Yet it is this practice (along with recent challenges with my left hip) that I have come to learn that I have not been mindful with my poses, which in the past caused many flare ups and a fear of doing any physical activity. However, since finding you some 6 weeks now. I mostly do one of your videos everyday, which has helped in my recovery and keeps my mind positive. I have one more week at home and then I will be back to work (phased over 4 weeks). Albeit in the short term will have a walking aid for support, I will continue to follow your channel and update you on my progress. I really from the depth of my heart thank you for being apart of this phase of my life. Thank you so VERY much for your time and effort in preparing these videos for without them I don't know …….. from the UK I send you a massive cyber hug xXx

  20. grace paolucci

    Very much enjoyed this lower back focused practice. The pace is excellent to help really get into the area. Also enjoyed all the information you provided throughout the practice. Helps to build understanding and manage movements properly in everyday life. Thank you Aprille.

  21. BeYouYoga

    Lovely! High Lunge twist and cat pulling it's tail are no no poses for my SI joints. Learning this has saved me a lot of pain!

  22. Rubeena Sharma

    Divine timing again, aprille… So grateful🙏🙏🙏…was having issues due to weather change.it feels grt.bcoz u do all this with all heart and share ur own experiences …i felt better after doing the practice bcoz i wasnt able to do anything abt.the pain&was feeling stuck…unconditional love, peace and light to u and the community💟💗🌸🌸💗💟

  23. Denise Schmidt

    Beautiful Aprille – my low back/SI area felt 100% better…..but hard to not fidget in the pose when Lucy and Link show up. I hear those bells jingling and I know love is coming in the room. Much thanks and 💜💜💜

  24. Sarah L

    Thank you, truly. Perfect.🙏

  25. The Yoga Ranger Studio with Aprille Walker

    Need a little lower back/SI joint love? Lucy and Link join us for some much needed gentle stretches using the floor to ground and stabilize our backs/pelvis – bringing awareness into this area and making space. Enjoy! Peace, Aprille

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