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  1. Eli Ort

    Ohhh, it was divine, thank you❤️

  2. Helena Da Costa

    I feel so good after, thank you Aprille. When I get tired my middle back feels a bit sore. After this practice, I found more space in the middle of my back and opened. Have a good day.

  3. Carole Cooper

    This is the best! What a release! Thank you!

  4. Aoife Kirwan

    Thanks for this Aprille, much appreciated. Just wondering if you could post the link to the Constructive Rest exercise for the PSOAS muscle. Sorry if I've missed it below. Thanks

  5. grace paolucci

    Great back stretches, a wonderful practice to have at the ready!

  6. MissCreativeMinx

    Hi Aprille ✨ The pose (maybe called half dragonfly) where I'm sitting up, right leg is extended to right, left foot tucked into pelvis, the upper body leans sideways… What facia is that pose loosening? I have trouble with it and if I knew where I was supposed to feel the stretch, I may be able to do it better. Thanks for your help. Have a great day. Namaste Goddess ✨

  7. Anna Powell

    Love the opening in my back~ Also love the kitties, I couldn't help but smile when they came by. Thank you!

  8. Hava Sue

    Love love loved this one and the kitties, will be repeating regularly Thank you🙏🏼

  9. Carol Deacon


  10. BILL Longtin

    Good evening, Aprille

    This was a great practice for back release. I had sharp shooting pain when doing the sleepin swan on the left side and since I have been doing a lot of your practices, I heard your voice telling me to back off and honour my limitations which I did. I backed off and used my breath to ease the pain. I went back down on left side again and used the block to support my hip which helped. I have been walking my dog Samantha who is about 110 pounds and sometimes I am pulling her with my left hand with the leash when I want her to move when she stays at one spot for a great length of time. She loves to explore and sniff the ground. This pulling may cause strain on my left side. The sphypx/seal and the supported fish eased the pain.

    I really enjoyed this practice.



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  12. Hanne Sundli

    Loved it, Aprille.❤️
    After a week without yoga (fibro flareup from hell), this was heaven for my lower back.
    And I love your talking cat! 😂
    Thank you! Peace and Namaste from me to you❤️🌹🙏🏻

  13. Cindy Aho

    Love the chest opening along with the back release. Great practice, much gratitude! 😝💚🌻

  14. Lori Wakefield


  15. Maria Alvarez

    Lovely… And so much needed.. 😍❤️🙏 (no quotes today 😉🤗)

  16. The Yoga Ranger Studio with Aprille Walker

    Today's Yin Yoga practice is all about paying a little loving attention to the back with mindfulness, care and kindness. Enjoy! Aprille

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