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  1. PsycheTruth

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  2. Markus Lucas

    It absolutely was just two days ago since I utilized this back pain, "Kemzαnο Loni" (Google it) but it already made some changes. This is a strongly recommended means to help keep lower back pain from recurring. It was as expected. I have only used it several times but seems to do what it`s supposed to..

  3. Darren W

    Making use of it finally takes away the horrible feeling of sciatica pain and the stress it gives on my back. Checking the web is an excellent approach to find out more about the “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it) back pain guide. This performs wonderful for side or back sleeping, for between or below the knees. Helps my hip pain and it`s comfy.

  4. Dharani Bora

    You are Hindu religion

  5. khatira sultani

    iam in too much pain to do this. this is good when you are not in pain.

  6. kaseas lasa

    After using this plan, my sciatica pain have been treated. Learn more about this particular back pain guide simply by look for “Kemzαnο Loni” on Google. It has allowed me to rest comfortably in various positions. I now feel safe with my hip pain already removed. .

  7. Josephine Barretto

    Pain in my spine

  8. Josephine Barretto

    Pain in my spine

  9. nievesl315

    I absolutely love this back pain guide, search Google "Kemzαnο Loni". Helps my back some, however I do have serious chronic back pain from injury. But it helps me to position on my side or back which helps ease a few of the spasms. .

  10. Sara Zaki

    Excellent! Excellent! I can't thank you enough for this video.

  11. Abhishek Kumar

    I have disk bulging in L5 S-1 ..My doctor said not to do yoga..what love to do yoga but i am not doing anything for now…Can u please suggest whether i should yoga or not..Thank you for your nice vedio and yoga instructions…

  12. limbo commander

    I had been really motivated the two weeks before this week, but I got sick so I couldn't workout or do anything. So naturally I've gotten accustomed to my lazy lifestyle again. I don't want to stay here so I'm stretching and it really helps get me motivated. It's easy enough so I can talk myself into it, but when I do it I feel my muscles working and I remember how much I love to workout, also during this stretching my nose started to run which I'd been having some congestion problems ( 7wow.cc/wl39 ) so that was a nice relief. Thank you for this video

  13. Danny Boy

    My back pain is gone just by watching you 😍

  14. Beth Porter

    I found I couldn’t actually do some of those things along the wall, maybe I need a beginner, beginner exercises for sciatica.

  15. 53nat0r

    This techique does work. I had my back problems solved by doing this excercise.

  16. Shankar Sethuraman

    Level 3 on left lumbar low

  17. SaRa HF

    Good exercises but actually not good for back pain :/

  18. Adam Long

    This really helped me a lot. Also she's sexy AF so not bad to look at

  19. 6

    How to prevent muscle spasm while stretching?

  20. 6

    Thanks a lot🙏

  21. bridgetthewench

    If this is a "beginner's" video, why am I dripping sweat and unable to do half these moves? I do yoga pretty regularly but a lot of this is impossible!

  22. Basanti Moza

    Excellent. God bless you all 🙏 🙏🙏 🙏🙏 🙏 l

  23. RB Colbert

    Sexy lady!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Yummy toes!

  24. Craig Willis

    good info. lady

  25. Kate leann

    I could almost feel the bundles of junk from tensions behind my hip socket be moved about…I went from a 3 to a 1… getting space in my pelvis, adductor etc. and hams/quads is amazing because before doing the practice I was frozen slightly to the right and the muscles were spasmodic – luckily I was previously athletic and was able to do the poses. Helping tremendously change my life

  26. Kate leann

    I am able to move again from this video

  27. eidetic 2015

    Hi Courtney! I don't know if you receive comments on your "older" videos…just wanted to thank you for such an excellent video! I've done this particular one a few times and you really have helped reduce my back and hip pain. BTW, my pain level was initially an "8" and after doing the routine today, it went down to a "3" 🙂

  28. abo Yosef

    I love this vedio more vedio please….. On the lower hips pain thank u and godblessed u💋😍

  29. Art Vandelay

    the things i would do

  30. Harjit Singh


  31. Muhammad Arshad

    which time iz best for yoga…?

  32. Alyssa S

    I don't see how this is a video for beginners. I too stopped the video about half way and found a new video.

  33. Scndy D

    My gluts r in absolute agony after I gave birth, all these movements r just killing it even more 😭

  34. leena munge

    I get pain in lower back and can't walk properly I want to walk plz help

  35. Peeps001


  36. David Coomber

    forward folding is the very very worst thing you can do for sciatica, you will end up in a lot more pain doing this

  37. Adam Eden

    I have a severe pain; can not move left or right in bed because of pain. Thank you for the video which is very helpful.

  38. Lynette Clayton

    I've done this workout 2 days in a row for level 5 back pain and I'm amazed at the results. I end my workout with level 1 or 0 pain! Thanks Courtney 🙂

  39. Cairo R

    Really helpful thank you

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