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  1. Naomi Nyznyk

    wow this was so great. I really felt a more spiritual connection to this yoga from this practice thank you

  2. galileansatellites

    This is a fantastic practice, thank you!

  3. Katie O'Grady

    Thank you Michelle, this was so what I needed today after the passing on Thursday of my Furry Best Friend/Companion and Best Brother my twins could ever have asked for. I have been grieving profoundly, and this was better than an hour therapy session. Going to go make another donation as but a small gesture of my great appreciation and gratitude for you. Namaste

  4. Meri L


  5. Philosophy & Cats

    Could you please make more one-hour videos like this? Thank you.

  6. Ramona Sinclair

    Your channel is the best! Love your style❤️

  7. joanna doerfer

    Great, well rounded class! Thank you!

  8. stephenswithPH

    love love love!

  9. Sarahmaria Gomez

    What a joyful and life-changing experience. Thank you!

  10. Supriya Adiga

    This was a great all body workout! Loved it!

  11. Su Chanprasong

    I thoroughly enjoyed that. Thank you.

  12. Roselind Thomas

    I always find myself coming back to this video. Intense but easy to follow. A lil bit of detox poses as well. A great way to start your day, thank you 💕. By the way love all your yoga videos. And they are FREE!

  13. Laurie Ann

    Great way to start my 3rd night shift out of 4 in a row! Thanks!1 I am in a much better frame of mind to handle all my sick patients. Hopefully I can radiate some healing towards them!

  14. Julia Antony

    Thank you for a wonderful flow. Been an avid follower for a while now. And i know i'll meet you someday <3

  15. Jessica Sommy

    I am sure you can still buy handbook all info you need on Unflexal . Just google workouts.

  16. Lucy Ridgard

    That was brilliant. Thank you! Your classes are great – strong & challenging.

  17. Sylvie Bowden

    an oldie but such a goodie! can we have more like this please?

  18. Patty McLevish

    I am so glad I found this channel. You bring such a positive spirit to this practice. I have a very stressful life with a special needs daughter and you help me find my center so I can bring peace to myself and be a better mother. Thank you!

  19. Arlene Cohen Miller

    I really love your yoga videos. Thanks so much from bringing so many of them to us. Many, many thanks and much gratitude.

  20. Charlotte Murray

    You know what I like best about you? You don't go through every micro move. You state the poses. Here at least I know what I'm doing instead of waiting for instructions.

  21. Julie julie

    Oh wow how awesome was this practice!! Thank you I really needed this I was feeling a bit miserable this definitely helped to focus my mind. I was surprised that this lesson popped up on my line it was what I needed. Namaste.🙏

  22. Julia Venegas

    I love this one

  23. Celina Alvarez

    I really appreciate the male student being there to show a tad more diversity in gender and in the practice. Thank you!

  24. Meredith Nickerson Orlowski

    Thank you for creating a space where I could experience profound gratitude today. Your simple reminder, “this is what it feels like to be alive” allowed me to truly feel this deeply. Namaste

  25. abril shaw

    this is the perfect practice

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