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  1. aanchal arora

    Rnb bat unboxing

  2. Paromita Mazumder

    Congratulation 165k susbscriber❤️😇😘

  3. fazal khan

    Sir kya isse spinal pain me bhi relief milega kya kyun ke mai kafi dino se physiotherapist ko dikha raha hu kuch aram nahi mil raha

  4. Aditya Verma

    Sir please make a video how to improve strike rate playing technically . Plz sir I will be very thankful to if you make this video as soon as possible. With lots of love and support from bahadurgarh

  5. Yash Patil

    Sir pls make video on fast bowlers how to take wicket

  6. Masoom Macwan

    Nice video but please make on wicket keeping please

  7. Harsh Paliwal

    Sir I told you last time to make a video on how to play singles and doubles against off spin and leg spin as well. 🙏🙏🙏Plz make a video sir. Love from Udaipur Rajasthan😘😘😘

  8. joydeep banerjee

    Love your typical Hindi 😁

  9. Siddhant Pandey

    I knew sir you will surely make a video on this topic sir I am genuinely thankful to you

  10. Siddhant Pandey

    Thankyou sir for this video I was waiting for it from many days

  11. Tauseef Azam

    Shot selection tips

  12. All in One

    Make a video on neck pain

  13. Nirmala Jain

    Sir..please make a video on bowling drill to increase the speed…plz sir.. U r videos are awsm 😘😘😘😍😍


    Video is not coming quickly so I m not happy pls upload video continuously! Pls! 🙏

  15. ajay pokarna

    Sir..I have a doubt….can we play with tennis ball after knocking a cricket bat!????..please tell sir

  16. Pure Indian

    Sir plz make an video on how to play spinner's

  17. Thakur Sunil Kumar

    Sir plz give me a heart

  18. Thakur Sunil Kumar

    Thanks for this video sir

  19. Vikash Kumar

    Happy international yoga day to all

  20. Shalu Alamchandani

    Very nice sir great work just please
    Make a video on leg spin

  21. virat followers

    Love your video ❤

  22. playerofyear Mishra

    I really love your videos thanks. I suffer from it too often while wicket keeping. Please give me heart

  23. Cric Tricks

    Watch my channel

  24. Naba Kr Hembram

    Yoga se hi hoga.


    Sir I am you're biggest fan.

  26. Karan Chavan

    Nice video sir

  27. Adarsh Kumar

    Very good viedo

  28. hit songs and dialogues

    Sir please make a video on the topic that how important is gyming in cricket and also the diet for cricketers

  29. Raghvendra Singh

    Nice video sir😁😂🤣😄😎😋😉🤡🤓🤶🏼👰🏽🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  30. Sushila Maurya

    Sir please make a video on high catches and fault which was done mostly like balance, position , position of fingers ,eyes level

  31. DK Gaming

    me First

  32. Chitra Gupta

    I am always waiting for new videos

  33. Chitra Gupta

    Hello sir

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