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  1. Aadhunik Technology

    So much work in one single video. So much effort to ease our pain. Thank you

  2. Roshida Din

    2:50, 4:185:32, 8:3212:52

  3. Ali Shiber Shiber

    Very useful and good information ❤️🌷

  4. M I

    Arigato, very generous of you and your colleagues. You will help many people with this video.

  5. Nigel Boon

    Brilliant. …thanks for sharing ☺☺

  6. Mangesh Chalan

    im almost having a six pack i do back strenghthening exersise from 3 months ago but i suddenly in between developed back pain and craps that spread over than lover back …….time to time…

  7. 474roma

    how much time can take to relief from lower back pain and can go back to training again in gym and other sports?

  8. Xabier Novelle


  9. Predrag Nikolić

    Beautiful explanation. More so with the girl with such beautiful feet. Thanks.

  10. Blau Grün

    a very good doctor + kind person.Thank you.
    your explanation is logical. more people must see it. I will share your work.

  11. Umar Muhammad Qadeer

    advice: If you are still experiencing pain in the lower back and If you are sleeping on your stomach then change your sleeping position to sleeping on your back. This might help

  12. Noah Noah

    hello Doctor kimoto :),i have a problem as all of us watching this video ahaha, my lower back disk are to close to each other and that causes back pain and is there any possible streches to stretch them out ?

  13. Komakula Srinivas

    Good evening doctor sir. I have 39 years old. I'm suffering from L 3L4L5 disc bulge last 4,5 year's, hands , legs tingling n burning. recently last from 5 months service spondylosis atact . my daily activities not working.daily i journey by bike.

  14. Charis Triantafillidis

    This is the 3rd time i suffer from this severe back pain. If the pain goes away, i swear to god ill stretch every day

  15. Naufal Nabila Rizkiani

    its been 3 months i got my low back pain and i'm doing Transcutaneous

    Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) about 4 times, and still painful 🙁

  16. Lord Tango

    Thanks that is really help

  17. VoiD Archon

    Greetings doctor, any tips on hips and shoulders alignment and "closing" hips?

  18. Zubair Ali

    Hello how many days I do this exercise for quick relief from sciatica pain plz tell me sir…

  19. G.G Wilson

    Great Video! thank you so much.. I have a L5 / S1 Bulging disc for 1.5 years now and I believe I need to strengthen and control my Psoas muscles to help correct my posture… it feels like the Psoas muscles have shut down, or at least my brain needs to re learn how to use them again! My lower back is so weak and i'm permenantly in pain. None of the anti inflamatary tablets have helped and i'm fed up of the pain and having no Life! This video seems to make perfect sense to Me and what I need to start practising.. Would you recommend I use the advice given in this video. Thank you.


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