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  1. Dragons' Den

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  2. Nathan Pan

    imagine a witch hat on her head

  3. Robby Myers

    Don't say that,crazy face.

  4. Lima Rosetta

    Everyone at 8:54 😯😶😬😮😲😂

  5. Steven Fearn

    Hahaha Tej you legend! Debbies face says it all

  6. Isak Monstad


  7. Jay Bivins

    So this is just a British Shark Tank huh?

  8. Cherlock McFly

    Disregarding the BS she was saying about it being a cure; the price really wasn't that far off what you would expect for premium matcha brand.

  9. James


  10. joker Darker


  11. Anne Fricker

    Tea bag? They contain plastic which is something to avoid

  12. ABC Nostradamus

    They told her what not to do.
    Giving her a chance, to do good. Pretty simple advice. No Ambassadors.. haaha

  13. John Grygus

    "I made a product that can cure breast cancer"
    So your company is worth 1 trillion dollars?

  14. Bigsb Bigsb

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I swear the uk sharks and dragons are up their own ass. Yet, another profitable business brushed aside, they suck at investing….This business is alive and successful…she got the last laugh

  15. itsGuy

    9:05 when Jenny thinks to herself "alright Jenny, how the hell are we going to get out of this, think Jenny think, breathe in"

  16. Mathew

    I'm a master name creator and I'm the wizard who came up with the name Dragons Den because the word Dragon has a long history of being associated with business.

  17. Steven Coffone

    Tucan Cinnamon?

  18. Adam Taylor

    Jenny is litreally only on because of the YouTube reaction to her and hype and troll smh, what happens to Duncan bannentyne

  19. BeTheSpecial

    8:54 Damn, burn! I've never liked him as much as I do now

  20. David of Yorkshire

    Health nuts pay through the nose for anything that even hints at bring healthy… I'm surprised no one invested.

  21. Leslie Garcia

    I drink matcha everyday. It's so yummy and my stomach used to hurt from coffee so just matcha now. I thought most people knew about it these days. Matcha isn't cheap because good, useful matcha is premium grade and has more antioxidants in it. Idk I honestly just care that it replaces my coffee

  22. graceybe100

    Wow how Culturally unaware these dragons are of this tea.. I’m shocked

  23. Maxwell Preiser

    Those potential investors were just not knowledged enough on the product itself. They are trying to tell this woman she should put powder in a tea bag. 🙄🙄🙄🙄.

  24. Samo design

    Jenny: I got my sample, so I'm out

  25. Chikipichi

    That smug face on the thumbnail

  26. Zayn

    They were so wrong about the potential of this. Sell it in a cafe at a high cost so when people see it in store they think they’re getting a huge discount… simples

  27. Zayn

    Their questions were quite rubbish. Acting shocked that she’s charging 10x extra for a cup of premium geeen tea that offers 100x more as if people don’t pay £2 for a 5p worth cup of normal tea at cafes. You can’t compare it to everyday tea when it’s grown, processed and manufactured differently… and it offers way more than normal tea.

    And why are they shocked by commission based ambassadors? It’s extremely popular

  28. TalkToTheBody

    4p for normal tea, 40p for decent green tea, obviously you pay more for a better product, just as you pay more for any better food products.

  29. Curtis Grove

    Ok but hasn't the twist cap water bottle for matcha been in M&S for ages lol


    Tej is a beast. so calm and respectful

  31. Oscarnator 232

    You can't make this up tej and all the other dragons know Jenny is a joke

  32. 101010101 _

    Press the button on the left Katherine for the lift looool

  33. Chace Bonanno

    Touka's hair shows his stress level

  34. A R

    Did you see jenny squirm when taj called her out!!

  35. Animax Senpai

    LoL everyone was laughing when tej rekt her

  36. jesse rafferty

    I'm out, for that reason I'm jenny

  37. Karl J K Knapp

    Promote support structure and function

  38. Savage Bastard

    Plot twist, Jenny isn't rich, isn't an investor, the producers just needed to fill a seat so put a dress on the cleaning lady and sat her down in the middle.

  39. 08aoc

    9:25 Jenny: I'm out!

  40. alto

    she shouldve called it "Oh My TEA!"

  41. Jess S

    Jenny reminds me of my driving instructor. And for that reason, I'm out

  42. Panic! AtTheWisk

    9:02 Deborah is me when I hear someone causing drama at school 😂

  43. Marthin Nielsen

    Comment #1000!

  44. stahp pls

    No sugar, no additives? Has this lady even drank plain match???

  45. MAGA tron

    When women think that MLMs are an actual business

  46. Cici


  47. Davies Davies

    Tej is always so polite and professional with all the entrepreneurs, even if their businesses aren't viable….he understands their vulnerability and hope.

  48. Kiera O'Neill


    ight imma head out

  49. Remored

    Jenny probably leaves the den and immediatly heads to Costco to try free sampels without buying

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