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  1. rose mfflom

    Neck: 11:12 11:20
    Toes: 11:40 11:54
    Ankle: 11:48
    Elbow: 12:52 13:04
    Fingers: 13:00 13:17
    Midback: 16:46 16:52 16:59
    Green Roller: 15:46 17:10
    Upper back/ribs: 16:26 16:39
    Elbow (instead of green roller): 19:49 24:01 24:26 28:34 28:52 29:32 30:52
    Scraping: 32:10
    SI joint: 39:41 40:01
    Public symphysis: 40:12 40:23
    Shoulder: 40:32
    Reply if I missed any:)

  2. mirian fernanda

    Coloca legendas em português porfavor Ilove videos

  3. Trey

    Someone needs to put some time stamps in.

  4. Sonia Simpson


    You have leggings competition

  5. Ivan Bautista

    What’s your Instagram Dr?

  6. Levi Jesse

    How important is Chiropractic Therapy for Lymphatic Movement?

  7. Irma

    This is weird. When my fingers went numb they immediately adjust my posture cause the pain came from the shoulders indeed

  8. 10,000 Rambos

    This woman is a wonderful hue of orange…tangerine maybe?

  9. Ratan Kumar

    Can u suggest me one good name in India ?

  10. shooter 5

    You are so beautiful love watching your video's

  11. lance joseph

    15:17 😂😂❤️❤️👍👍

  12. lance joseph

    10:12 😂👍👏❤️

  13. Barbara Bingham

    I really need to see this woman.. I kinda have the same symptoms this patient has, but I have never been to a Chiropractor.. my arms/ hands get numb all the time.. well… Time to save up to fly to Florida..

  14. wai tsang

    Where the timestamp?!?!?

  15. Anderson West

    Not my birthday but thanks for the cake 🎂

  16. jr m

    patient has a nice cake

  17. AlyssaaCantuu

    Saw numbness and had to click!! Hoping to learn more about it. My hands are constantly going numb, when I breathe deeply I have a sharp pain in my neck, I have arthritis in my lower extremities and I just turned 22!! This should not be happening 🤣🤣🤣

  18. ArxidiaX2 ArxidiaX2

    I could feel the eye roll at the Minecraft joke

  19. Jonathan Wickham

    First time ever where the comments are more focused on the patient’s pants than Dr. Mondragon’s

  20. Nathaneal Wright

    Ugh love this. The more in depth the better I say! I enjoy watching and learning from yours and other chiro’s videos. They’re so informative and just fun to watch

  21. FaithsFallen

    I seriously need someone like you to fix 20 years of bad posture !

  22. A. C

    That patient is stacked in all the right places.

  23. Taylor N

    Love it when the patient is expressive like this

  24. Boosted GT


  25. Domexpo

    22:55 the talk of kids

  26. jadeyxboo

    I found this so interesting! Thanks doc 😁

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