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  1. Lyle Mills

    And.. Was that acupuncture kid molested or something?

  2. Lyle Mills

    37 minutes in… I wanna listen to that song everyday when I wake up and on my way to work haha

  3. Arctic Slabs

    Bahahahahaha!!!! The drool fuckin goin up and down while drew is talking… Tom knew! But drew missed it completely!

  4. Nico Ontiveros

    Please I really need these downloads lol

  5. Brian Price

    Sorry Christina, 1 second is a massive difference and not comparable to non R worded athletes. It is not discrimination he's just not good enough. You really have no clue what you are talking about and should just stop.

  6. Matthew Gower

    1:06:30 do you guy have to have a conversation with that picture on the screen?

  7. BDB

    Ever watch the septic shit head while eating tuna salad??? Try it out…

  8. Ronnie C

    "Gonna fuck my butt in the chicken match." – old town road (2019)

  9. Sebastian Salinas

    Those song remixes are so legit!

  10. JT F

    God, Christina just isn’t funny.

  11. Chris Brooks

    I just wish Christina was funny

  12. Ageezy16

    Colonel sanders on steroids lookin ass

  13. Stephen Zemke

    Can’t hold on your farts while you pee? Weak as fuck

  14. Chipperson's Encyclopedia Emporium

    Would buy mommies sopping panties ☺

  15. Travis Avila

    Christina quit comedy too

  16. Arctic Slabs

    My whole right thigh (upper) is a “Dumb and Dumber” homage. No joke Harry, Lloyd so far! Kicker is it’s massive. And it’s upside down. On purpose. And I’m a total dude slut.not gay. Banging ho’s with daddy issues since 04….

  17. Tike Manski

    1:29:45 When you wake out if a fever-dream.

  18. NJ E

    “Ooold tiny Asian”

  19. Bobby Ludlam

    29:16 Chris outs Tammie for being a gay

  20. GORELORD13

    That dude took a hit off that joint then said "Zrbrbgbllzrggrblleerrpp". Cool story bruh.

  21. Mary Callahan

    Oh man…I wear “CUTE” little Teva’s to go to the lake. They don’t hold sand and they dry off quickly, and you gotta’ be able and ready to run.
    Not those clunky one’s tho. 😂

  22. Sponduli132

    I love how Tom tries to play off Christina's anger in the beginning by playing air-guitar during a part of the song without any guitar.

  23. Elevate Kombucha

    I think we can move on for fuck sake

  24. Sara Forney

    I don’t even know Stern. Only the ghost of O&A

  25. Sara Forney

    Ok listen tweakers don’t take shit apart bc it’s starts talking to us. No one or nothing talks to us. We like to keep our hands busy is all.

  26. sub5ound1

    Tom and Christina ranking bodies at the pool is like actual police ranking security at a Phish concert.

  27. Wtf is wrong with sandals? I like them

  28. Torstein O

    wow that christina bit on what if some r worded guys could win nrmmal oeople events were hilarious….also there is retard strenght

  29. taggert harper


  30. dyoung0493

    “Pee in a hole… that’s not a drain.”

  31. Ryan Sides

    P.S. clearly your wife wishes your shit was more adequate…#lakers. Lol

  32. Ryan Sides

    Content twice a month…that's how you keep fans interested…fuckrags.

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