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  1. L o n e l y

    I really like the weight loss videos. They motivate me. Thank you.

  2. Madison Callaghan

    My favorite advice is “a year from now you’ll wish you started today” and I apply that daily like “tomorrow you’ll wish you started today”

  3. Koi Pebbles

    Man, love binge watching these videos. Just found out I’ve lost another 3lbs after being at a plateau for two weeks. It’s so encouraging to see it keep on track. 13lbs so far!

  4. Sven Morgenstern

    Haven't really commented on this one because I never really felt hungry. For me, my "you're a good little low-carber" motivator was (and is) my glucometer. If I have a bowl of rice, or a sandwich, or any food that's going to cause my blood sugars to spike, it'll tell me in no uncertain terms. After that, it's just a matter of remembering the clients I've worked with (I'm a nurse, BTW) that had complications from poorly controlled diabetes, and how many of them ultimately died from those side effects. Heck of a motivator!

  5. Veronica life unedited rosario

    I do keto no carb or sugar lost all my waight in 9 month past 2 month on maintenance. But when you ellemanat all carb and sugars you have to eat soooo much more food. I never felt hungry. Now I do 2000. Cal a day and most of the time I feel like I'm going to be sick from so much food.

  6. fluffy xingxing

    Omg!! Your at 11k! Congrats > w < keep up the good work

  7. angxlic

    that reddit narwhal’s weight loss is amazing! honestly an icon!

  8. Grace Clover

    I snack a lot lmao. After restricting too much and having no energy and being dizzy plus all the exercise from competitive swimming all the time, I upped my cals and started snack to fire up my metabolism and get more calories in. I’ve still maintained and even lost a little tbh

  9. Lovc Mazc

    Oh wow!! Dude you have grown so much as a channel! Congrats, I’m excited for all the new narwhals ☺️, I’ve been here before 1k!

  10. LostInFire

    I love your videos! I've wanted to create a reddit account for a long time (mostly just lurk), but made one now especially to join your group! Thanks for keeping people inspired

  11. Lady Talksalot

    Whhhyyyyyy didn't I watch this before snacking?! Dang it!

  12. cheyanne johnson

    Thank you Domino's pizza add before weight loss vid lol

  13. HyuugaC0bicat

    ive been losing weight slowly and steadily at 1kg a week! thank you for this community 🙂

  14. Mrs. W

    I agree with the first post. However instead of losing and gaining the same weight, get a maintenance plan after losing weight. That way, you stay stable. I never go over 3-4 pounds of my maintenance weight. Also I eat the same foods I ate to lose weight. If you get back on the foods you ate before, you will continue the yo-yo cycle.

  15. Inyx Blackstone

    I know, I'm posting like mad, but thought I'd share.
    My hubby just weighed himself, and he's starting to lose, too! He's down 5 lbs. I'm not entirely certain why I'm losing faster than him, but I suspect it's got to do with his night-shift work and being in a patrol car for 3-4 hours out of 10. Still so proud, though!

  16. KRO 222

    Wow, huge congrats to harlicey!!! 🎉🎊🎈 Amazing job and awesome cosplay too!

  17. diarra mboup


  18. Ma Rie

    I've been trying to lose weight since I was a child. Food was my problem. Then I went vegan and got sick, so I had to stop working out. Earlier this year I started eating animal products and I feel much better. But then I felt like I needed to eat 'everything' I missed out on during those 4 years. I attempted 2 times to lose weight since, but failed. Last week it just clicked. I'm scared shitless to gain more weight and lose more of my time and health. I don't care if I crave something or don't feel like moving. I don't care if I 'need' food to comfort me. What I need is a long and healthy life, a body that is capable and fit. Maybe even a body I feel comfortable in. It's not hard anymore.

  19. Fight The Fat

    I have said this on another video but CBD oil (I vape mine) helps me not feel hungry (even on my period) it takes a week or two to kick in (one or two hits a day or every other day) I used be able to eat two pizzas for dinner (meaning I ate earlier that day too) and still be able to go for a midnight snack! But now I have a bowl of yogurt and I am good for the day

  20. Asha Bell

    When I started my weightloss journey, I felt fine for the first week. When the second week hit, I started to have a constant sitting headache and stomach aches. I thought something was wrong and I went to the doctor for these issues. I was going through withdrawal symptoms from sugar. I quit drink my calories immediately so that was the kick to the symptoms but I never thought sugar could put my body so out of wack that way.

  21. Choux

    Thank you for your weight loss videos and thanks to the redditors who share their stories! I'm currently down 200+ lbs and still working until I reach my 200 lb goal! (Or at least until I can fit into a Large)

  22. Inyx Blackstone

    This video was perfectly timed. For some reason, my stomach has decided that it NEEDS to eat all the time, and it's been very distracting. To the point of being cranky.
    But this little reminder vid was just what I needed to stay on track. Thanks, Luke!

  23. Hobihasmyhearteu

    Dear Luke Narwhal, I have been watching your videos for a while and am proud to be on your first 10k. I am really enjoying your frequent weight loss videos and they give me motivation and something to watch every morning with my breakfast lol. 60 pounds down and counting, thank you for being there 🙏

  24. 90s Babe

    I might share mine. Just gotta find some before photos (deleted most coz i didnt like the person i saw).

  25. Andaaz S. Bawa

    Last time i was this early i was still 205 pounds.

  26. Duchi

    How to eat less
    Do something that you love so much that you forget to eat

  27. Weird

    I have a question
    In the story around 6:39
    What do they mean by shark week?
    I searched it up and apparently it’s just a marathon of stuff on discovery channel about sharks.
    Is that correct?
    Also is it just an American thing because I live in Australia and have never heard of it.

  28. hail queen lana

    FIRST DAY OF DIET hm okay this isnt so bad..

    LITERALLY SECOND DAY my stomach now likes to tell me im hungry every hour grr..

    For every like I get I'll do a week of eating healthy!! please help motivate me!! x

  29. aBXANneDoned InTheUSA

    I am living for all these weight loss uploads! I am recovering from an eating disorder and I've been gaining like crazy from eating junk food. So I'm trying to eat healthy and these are really inspiring!

  30. Danah D.

    Whoaaaa I'm early

  31. Daddy Cheese

    We back

  32. TheOrange

    Commit lifestyle changes

  33. Χρυσηιδα Χαιδου

    Omg, i have never been so early! ❤️

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