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  1. Nicki Swift

    Who is your favorite glam YouTuber?

  2. courtneylove's MACcompact

    So did Tati pay you to do this? Bc her and her husband are scammers. Full stop. Yeah, their business background is shady af. All kinds of shady business moves and companies. Without a crystal ball did a deep dive into it and girl it's super juicy.

  3. Gracie

    I used to be a fan of Tati, she was the first mua I subscribed to however that changed. She claimed to be about the make-up and at no time did she get involved with drama, then the first crappy remarks started coming out of her mouth about others in the industry. The main two are KatvonD and her most shameful display of character when she went after a teenager! I don't care how she got here cuz lots of people come from shitty beginnings however they don't USE it to garner sympathy. People with solid character don't do that. Also, I hope that when she does have a baby boy that she remembers what she did to JC with her horrible and untrue allegations about his sexual conduct! Crap stories like that can absolutely destroy a person's life and for that I unsubscribed. I'm at the age where im not interested in other people's dramas, I just wanted to learn more about makeup in a fun way and from people with quality of character😉

  4. Maggie Oxford

    You haven't revealed anything that Tati didn't herself. What's the point of this video other than summarizing what she has told her viewers over the years? To let those who aren't suscribers to catch up? Ok.

  5. Elizabeth Moton

    I support Tati! Enough said!

  6. Ge Mum

    She should have spoken to and referenced endocrinologists as well as studies regarding Saw Palmetto.

  7. Ge Mum

    Oh so when she said it's "not about the money" when that James Charles mess she initiated with her youtube video, it really IS all about the money. I see. All clear now… hmmm.

  8. Ge Mum

    My favorite you tubers teach me to engineer things with as little talk and music as possible and a lot of good shots of what they are doing so I can learn.

  9. Ge Mum

    "As a woman you should feel like your body should be able to do this on it's own," then at 10:30, her hair suddenly poofs up some.

  10. A A

    I love Tati!!! ❤

  11. Sóley Arngrímsdóttir

    She doesn't do sponsorships or ads so that's not adding to her income 🤷🏻‍♀️



  13. iNovemberain


  14. Cette Belle Magie

    0:28 This is so unrelated but Tati and James (her husband) look so good in that picture omg.

  15. Farras Danindira

    why you keep calling her westbrook instead of tati 🙄

  16. Elen Smilez


  17. Stella of the Lake

    $6 million now, wow.

  18. Natasha U

    Tati doesn't do sponsorships

  19. ALCzysz17

    Holy, y'all really want that adsense money don't cha? Five ads for a ten minute video, kind of ridiculous in my opinion. -_-

  20. Sarv Sadeghi

    Lol did u just call james charles 'icon'? In what world are u living to call HIM icon the clown world?….

  21. DrIsshan’s Free Time

    Tati all the way !!!!! Good for her for cutting away from her pretentious “son”

  22. Shannah Moses

    Favorite glam You Tuber – Bailey Sarian!

  23. Kathi Sondergaard

    Waaaaaay too many commercials…😞

  24. Valentina Lopez

    She’s the only beauty guru whose reviews can be trusted.

  25. Jennifer Morton

    Dude her husband is so ugly. But Tati looks like a cocker spaniel herself, sooo. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  26. Jennifer Morton

    I’ve never had a good vibe from Tati. I’m telling you, somethings off. NOT THAT IM DEFENDING JAMES CHARLES!!! I can’t stand him either at this point. Lol But I’m telling you that I get the worst vibes from this cocker spaniel. And by the way –

    “Halo beauty creates beauty from the INSIDE” !!!

    It’s bullshit. Bought her pills and took them everyday until they were gone.. honestly.. prenatal vitamins worked 10 times better than her shit.

  27. Hunks Appreciated - The OG

    Don't know these freaks 😂

  28. Mistress Mars

    Everything you said here….Tati has already said to everyone who watches her videos! Tati doesn't do brand partnerships and her so called feud with James Charles was merely her comments to his public indiscretion. Tati has always had a lot of class. The people who had an issue with the ONE ingredient in Halo vitamins which COULD POSSIBLY affect those on birth control pills was a contrived issue that blew over as fast as it started. YOU don't really seem like a Tati subscriber…otherwise, you could have been a lot more accurate here. WHY AREN'T you a Tati subscriber?

  29. Rian B

    She stayed true to who she was and what she stAnds for. She does not accept sponsorships and promote a brand she does not believe. She started vitamins cause she wants beauty to start inside but still listened to her fans and released a very well praised palette. I guess her biggest weakness is she tends to be really emotional but that is also one of her strongest suit imo.

  30. Non-Descript Being

    Personal opinion – I don't get why not being able to have children is such a bad thing. You can adopt, you don't have to worry about unexpectedly getting pregnant if you do it in the heat of the moment, you can continue life as usual or keep trying to make it better. There are far, far worse problems in the world than not being grow a kid in your stomach for nine months and then pushing it out of the vagina AND then having to take care of them a long time after that.

    I remember someone once told me that he could not adopt a kid because they're not related, like, WTF? That is fucked up and makes zero sense when you consider that so many people in the world have pets? Your'e not related to your dog or your cat or bird or whateverthefuck – what is the difference in the end besides the fact that they are a human kid that is not blood-related to you?

    Oh boohoo, they don't have the same love of art as you or the same piercing blue eyes as you – so? Does that make them any less deserving of real care and love?

    Technically we all descended from our ancestors in Africa, so…IDK what the whole fuss is with relatedness. There are so many kids out there who aren't even in orphanages and being mistreated in some other shape, way or form – parenting is a huge commitment that will result in lots of blood, sweat and tears quite literally. If you decide having a kid is too much for you, it's not a good idea to then just do whatever the hell you want.

    Also if things go south with your partner and now you have a kid in the mix, what then? Can you afford a divorce? Are you even in a circumstance where that's even viable for you then? Aren't you going to try to make amends at all, or does the other partner even give a shit either?

    Make no mistake – the one who suffers most is THE KID from the beginning, middle and end. You can easily fuck up their mentality when they're young when you do one too many little bad things; you might fuck up their entire life if you can't be bothered to consider the entire dynamic and logistics of your relationship with your partner in the first place and consistently overtime. Do enough men and women even realise that sometimes they're just not meant to be, even if they do 'love' their partner? Some people are just perpetually tall children, you don't need another kid in the mix, you REALLY don't. Don't be a co-conspirator in modelling bad behaviour for children and please DO be bothered to have enough self-awareness to seek help when you are at odds in a relationship.

    Not being able to admit that you don't always know best is not a sign of conscientiousness – it is cowardly, arrogant and you will not be rewarded for that. The reality is that just because you birthed a kid, it doesn't immediately make you an excellent parent – the same way that going to school for 12+ years of your life in itself does not make you an A+ student.

  31. Maremi Ralte

    3 ads in the first 3 minutes.. Thanks byeeee

  32. Buttered Toast

    I'm not defending James Charles, but people forget he's a kid associating with adults. He's still very immature. The adults need to keep him at an arm's length lest they get dragged into drama an older person would have been able to avoid.

  33. Brooke Lynn

    There was waaaaay too much of J*mes’ face in this 🚫🚫🚫

  34. jade bethel

    She’s awesome

  35. J M

    Ok, so you revealed nothing.

  36. S P

    Friends and business….best kept APART.

  37. Ana Cruz

    I love Tati and James. XOXO just bought her palette. I wish her all the success in the world. 🙂

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