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  1. Girija Arora

    At first I was hesitant of doing it but amazingly I was able to do it and liked also. It's really fun.

  2. Sonali4465

    I did this today and trust me the way I sweated out. I think I am surely going to lose weight. Thank you so much sister for creating this dance workout 😊 love from India ♥

  3. Saskia Bertels

    Do much Fun!!

  4. Kimberly Ford

    When you do your Zumba workout you should go ahead and put it with music

  5. Κατερινα Χατζελη

    Amazing workout.Thank you Lcy.We need mooooooreeeeeeee……

  6. Sarah Blossom

    Loving the dance workouts 🙂 Thank you Lucy xx

  7. Nimmi DVlog

    I love all your new workouts!! I blast my favorite songs and dance away, I was feeling down yesterday and after doing your Zumba and arm workout video I felt so energized 🤩🤩

  8. Mrinal Labhane

    I follow your routine and this is amazing.. well I wanted to loose breast fat and tone it.. and one more HIIT workout.. if possible make videos on this two..


    Hi Lucy!! I'm in 3rd Trimester.. I feel .. I can add this to my workout playlist along with ur pregnancy workouts for last trimester!! 🥰♥️🌸♥️

  10. D Groenewald

    My dogs loved my performance 😆😆😆

  11. Lisa Holloway

    Great Zumba class

  12. Nana AB

    I am about to try this and will comment later💕

  13. Swapna Khandaker

    Nice video Thanks for your video Thanks again dear

  14. vishruti joshi

    You are the best♥️ I always wait for your videos💕

  15. Pondichery Saimounika

    Hi lucy….. I am doing your workouts since from a very long time .. But periods are interruptiing my consistancy can u suggest any workout in those days pls… Lots of love from India.

  16. raining _ houseplants

    This was such fun Lucy!

  17. zainab ango

    This is lovely Lucy. Thank you

  18. Karen Clarke

    Fantastic workout. Did this , your 7 min dance workout then finished with your new stretch & shape workout . I was pooped and sweating but feel ready to take on the day xx

  19. Endah Rismala

    So…I have to make sure that my door room has locked…😂😂

  20. Z LadyDi

    You look super cute dancing 🤩

  21. Supriti Phani

    Lucy thank you for a longer video on Zumba …Be Healthy ,Safe and Happy .

  22. nkat

    Loved this!! Love you Lucy!! Thankyou

  23. nadiya khan

    Mam I watched all d other people excercise bt i have ended up with ur excercise i really love ur excercise it's amazing enjoyable n ofcourse u can dance sala

  24. nadiya khan

    I'm mam
    I just love ur excercise ur really amazing n soo creative u just keep creating new excercise for people to loose weight really god bless u

  25. Pardeep Paddan

    Loved it so much fun x

  26. Steffi Lewis

    Did this workout as soon as I saw this video. It was good and I am sweating now! Great dance workout Lucy😍

  27. Amrutha Varshini

    Plz 7min challenge for saggy bust

  28. Nadi Hayat

    Are you sure you dont know dancing? You are a great dancer 🤩🤩🤩🤩
    I dont even know any move 😵

  29. poonam thakur

    Music please 🙏🙏💓

  30. aparna patnaik

    Bollywood style work out really loved it from India…

  31. aparna patnaik

    Loved it Lucy…love you loads

  32. Huawei 9i

    Can I do these after one year of C section.
    Which is the best time for doing this.. Early morning or evening?

  33. Shalu Dhingra

    Nice video dear.

  34. andy bunn


  35. Kanti Satish

    Done as soon I saw dis

  36. cagsy c

    Hey Lucy thanks for all your workouts, but can't believe you say that you've got no rythym I said to my sister the other week I reckon Lucy is a really good dancer 💃💃gonna put my Bowie on and do this tomorrow xxx

  37. Becky Bons

    Love this workout! Can't wait to get dancing. Thanks so much Lucy <3 I love your usual workouts but these are such a great change.

  38. Mari Tes

    I love this, different from your other workouts, I’m sweating so much!!

  39. Fiona Kate

    Great fun 👍

  40. Girlynoob TV

    Loving these dance workouts!

  41. josephine lilly

    Wow Lucy u r enjoying ur moves👏 that's really motivates us😊 thanks for sharing Lucy 🤗

  42. nkat

    Thankyou Lucy … going to be doing this one tomorrow morning.

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